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You have the Golden Opportunity to give the Value Added Service, Support to Your Clients & Well Wishers to come out of Financial crisis.
You are most welcome to Akhshayaa...Let us Mutually Benefit & Grow Together...


Financial Consultant

Hi I am Sharadha, I was a home maker, My husband is in abroad. I am socially well connected with business and industrial people. I have come across Akhshayaa Finance Bhaarath Ltd Advertisement some time back and in that advertisement it was mentioned “Come to Akhshayaa, Let’s grow together”. So I asked them HOW?. They narrated their uniqueness in the financial field. I was impressed and I joined with their team as a Financial Consultant. Today I am supporting a lot of Business and Industrial people to get the best solution for their financial needs . I am very much satisfied to help those people to come out from their financial crisis and at the same time I am also benefited.Today I am fully occupied and Satisfied to earn for my own. I am Utilizing my time and Network in the right way. Come to Akhshayaa, Let’s grow together.

Birla Raman

Financial Advisor

Akhshayaa Finance is ‘Akhshaya Pathra’, Always FULL of prosperity. One of my client was not able to get loan from anywhere, at the nick of the moment, I brought them to Akhshayaa. With their Excellent, Efficient Service and Support, he was able to come out from Financial Crunch .He saved his property and he is doing excellent business today. Thanks to Akhshayaa. As a Consultant I am mutually benefitted.

Rekha AP

I am Rekha, I created the Website for Akhshayaa Finance. For constructing the website I got all informations about the company. Now I am giving leads to my clients who are in need of stop gap funding. They told me that they are very happy with Akhshayaa Finance Service and Schemes. They are pleased and thanked me for showing them the right financial solution provider. Thanks a lot to Akhshayaa.